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Artist Ian GreatheadIan Greathead is an oil painter who captures special moments in time shared over a glass of wine. In astonishing detail, he allows the viewer to almost take part in the pleasure of rich wine, beautiful music and good company. He is especially interested in how the reflections of light in the glass can add so much to the story telling within his compositions. 

Ian grew up in a small town in New Zealand, where natural beauty provided abundant inspiration. His interest in art began early on as a child and although there were no art programs offered in his community, he drew constantly and soon realized his natural talents. At the age of thirteen, he submitted a painting to a national art competition and won. The prize was a bicycle and Ian had the opportunity to take his first plane ride to receive the award. He continued to receive recognition for his work as a teenager. 

At sixteen, Ian Greathead left school to work as a lettering illustrator for an advertising agency in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. This experience exposed him to other artists and taught him important lessons for technique and composition. After a year, he began working for a freelance studio creating commercial and illustrative work. He continued his training there for six years until he moved to London and helped one of the top ad agencies, J. Walter Thompson, establish an art studio department. 

While in London, Ian met his wife and they spent several months traveling throughout Europe. His travels have been a tremendous source of inspiration for him as special moments are shared and memories are formed from discoveries. Eventually, Ian settled in the United States and has raised his family in Atlanta, Georgia. He continues to live and work there today. 

His artistic style has developed from his career as a commercial illustrator, which often requires refined detail and precise technique. Ian Greathead's original oil paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Sonoma, California, Highlands, North Carolina and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His work has been commissioned for wineries all over the country and by private collectors who want to celebrate their appreciation for wine and the moments and relationships that have developed over a special vintage. 



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